About Us

Skin Care Secret is an independent consultant for Arbonne International. Arbonne was founded by a Norwegian Botanist Petter Morck.  Petter was passionate about the beauty and perfection found in nature and together with a group of leading herbalists, bio-chemists and biologists developed effective skin care that was based on the philosophy of puresafe and beneficial.

Pure –  free from harmful ingredients:
  • no animal or animal by-products
  • no petroleum based ingredients such as benzene or mineral oil
  • no artificial colours or flavours
  • no parabens
  • no gluten
  • vegan certified

Safe – we have a strict purity policy as well as adhering to all industry regulations and we don’t test on animals

Beneficial – our products deliver unparalleled performance in consumer and clinical tests

Mel Rees is the owner and author of Skin Care Secret.  As a lover of her own skin she decided to treat it well so that it would last her a lifetime.